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About Us

Fun and creativity in every design


Our Story

Hi I’m Nicci, founder of Kids Interior Design


I consider myself an honorary Yorkshire girl having lived in York since attending university, but originally hail from Hertfordshire. I fell in love with York’s quaint windy streets and impressive architecture. I met my husband, got married and had my family here, and it’s now well and truly my home. I’m a mother to Ophelia and Rupert who are my inspirations for starting KID.


Whilst I’ve always had an interest in interiors, my passion for kid’s interiors was ignited when designing a toddler room for Ophelia. I wanted to create a fun space that was accessible for a toddler focusing on her likes and interests.


KID was born out of a love for kid’s interiors, but also a desire to make interior design accessible for real families in real homes. Pinterest and Instagram are both wonderful platforms to find inspiration but can sometimes be difficult to translate into a real home, and that’s where KID can help.


I love the process of seeing my designs come to life – from concept to creation. There’s a nostalgia to my designs that brings out my inner child, but the biggest reward for designing these spaces is seeing them being used and enjoyed by the children.


Please take a look at our services or contact us to start the conversation.

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